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dnb_furs's Journal

DnB Furs
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All Members , Moderated

This is a community for furs who produce, dj, like to listen to, or want to learn more about drum and bass. If it has a broken beat and its fast, it is welcome here.

The purpose of this community is to help share knowledge, mixes, music and experience with others. If you find a mix set on the net that blows you away, post it up here and discuss it. If you hear a track that you love or need an ID on, post it up here. If you just got a new dubplate let us know how badass it is. Got a question about a track or DJing, post it up. Anything and everything related to dnb is welcome.

New members please post an introductory post, dnb groups are pretty tight knit so we should all get to know each other.
Name (RL or Furname):
Involvment in the scene: (DJ, producer, party kid)
Favorite style:
Favorite e Producers:
Favorite DJs:
Other Music Interests:

Rules and Guidelines:
1. Respect others and their opinions. Music is pretty subjective when it comes to taste so don't disrespect others.

2. Respect the artists. Don't post unreleased or VIP tracks if they are not released. No posting of released full tracks, we want to encourage record sales here not hinder them. If you want to post a sample of a track link to it from chemical records.

3. No sub-genre bashing. If you don't like liquid dnb, don't bash it. It is ok to make fun of trance though.

4. If at all possible please post mixes with the following info. Dj - Title : Length : Bitrate : Tracklist. If there is no tracklist, describe the mix.

This community is run by tekfox and that damn candykid hating junglist cubstatik. If you see anything questionable posted please contact us through our ljs and we will take care of it. Peace.


Special notice from Statik - This community is something I want to grow. I'm sick and tired of furs not having a clue on all the good beats out there that they are missing out on. I will try my damnest to change that. I know with my good bro TekFox as my right paw or even left paw on this community, this shit can be one hell of a community. So spread the word, share your knowledge, ...junglist furs here to wreck your shit.

Please welcome our newest mod badboybunny!